About naira

Definitely, dance is her destiny !

Naira is from Paris and studied dance at the National Conservatory. Naira has danced throughout her young life in many styles (contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop and classical dance) and found her own art in the dances styles of the Middle East. Maybe, this is a homecoming? It is quite probable, because her parents are Armenians who have lived in Syria before coming in Paris.

A dedicated improvisational dancer who values any opportunity to perform to live music, Naira appropriated her art and elovue alongside major oriental artists, strives to express the joy of dancing and the emotional quality of the music but also the emotion of the authors texts and songs lyrics.

As a teacher, she devotes all her energy and works to balance personal interpretation of the oriental music and a deeper understanding of the dance form.

Naira directs several Dance Companies, teaches oriental dance, choreographed several major musical shows and performs across the world. Naira appears also on numerous performance and instructional DVDs.

Shows, events and locations :

The Palais des Congres of Paris, the Cigale of Paris, the Trianon of Paris, the Institute of the Arab World, the Dejazet Theatre, the Cabaret Sauvage, the Palais des Congres of Marseille, Unesco, the Odeon Theatre of Bucharest, the Royal Library of Alexandria, the Agadir Royal Golf, the Sheraton Hotel, the George V Hotel, the Meurice Hotel, the Moulay Hafid Palace.
TV : TF1 ; LBC “World Belly Dance Championship” ; “Studio 2M” Casablanca ; “Le monde à Paris ”, NRJ Paris. Cinema : “Hors la loi”. Tourist events. Events: Miss Maghreb Contest, the "Orient de la Danse" Festival, Cairo Festival, "the world dance with Mahmoud Reda", and many other events and prestigious shows.

She choreographed in 2010-2011 the 1st International Oriental Revue “ORIENT SUPER STARS IN PARIS”, and in 2012 the show “Orient Legends”, she obtained the consecration of director and earned officially for this show the title “Star Dancer” Cabaret-Chic de Paris.

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Thank you for these times Naira
you have an incredible talent gushing. You are a great artist. Thank you for those times you made me share. Long live the artist that you are.

Georges F.

Our guests still talk about your performance for our wedding, you fired! Thank you again !

Lilia M.

Thank you for this gracious and elegant show, you made us dream. Your troop is beautiful, a true tale of 1001 and nights.

Sophia H.