For your wedding, birthday, corporate parties, bachelorette party, engagement parties, henna, christening, cocktail, gala, themed evenings etc ...

Choose your show :

Formula 1001 nights

The classic oiental show

A 30 min show:
- Entrance to the (the) dancer (s):
Oriental show choreographed with accessories
(veils, Isis wings, or candlestick)
- Tabla solo dance :
Choreography on drums solo, very technical.
- Animation : Invitation to dance the guests, on catchy music.


Formula 1001 nights PLUS

A 2 Parts Show

Two sets of 15 minutes with short 15 minute break for costume change:

- 1st set:
Oriental show choreographed with accessories
(veils, Isis wings, or candlestick), followed by a dance
percussion (rhythmic choreography, and highly technical)
and a popular modern oriental choreography.
- 2nd pass:
Animation : Invitation to dance the guests, on catchy music.


Formula Oriental Show

Presence of dancers during the evening

3 sets of 10 minutes

- 1st set:
Oriental show choreographed with accessories
(veils, Isis wings, or candlestick)
- Tabla solo dance :
Choreography on drums solo, very technical.
- 2nd set:
Oriental show with another accessory
(fans, canes)
- 3rd set: Animation; Invitation to dance the guests, on catchy music.

Formule Oriental show LUXE

1:30 show with at least 5 dancers

Full show on stage composed of choreographies
ballet, solos, duets ...
Many themes and accessories in the same show (dance canes, veils, fans, isis wings, chandelier ....)
Possibility to finish the show by an invitation to dance entertainment with spectators.


Formula bachelorette party

Funny bellydance class

An oriental dance class time in a festive atmosphere. An original idea for an unforgettable party !

- Ready for a bellydance outfit for the bride
- Sequined scarves Ready for participants
- Learning a simple choreography that you can dance the wedding day if you like
- Sending music choreography
- Ability to do at home or dance hall (room rental fee surcharge)


The Cabaret Chic revues

The great oriental international show

The Great Eastern International show offers two revues choregraphied by Naira, Star dancer : « Orient Super Stars" and « OrientLegends" to theaters, festivals, TV, concert ...

- 1h40 live show
- More than 30 artists on stage
- Music, Singing, Dancing
- 19 different tables
- The fairy costume
- A tribute to oriental music
- The atmosphere and subtle oriental glam cabaret

For more information contact Cabaret Chic Production

The best artists for your best parties!

Bellydancer 1
Her grace, lightness and sensuality, make her a magical dancer that will delight your guests and illuminate all your evenings.

Bellydancer 2
Elegance, charisma and charm is what characterizes her : an exceptional dancer. See her dance is pure happiness for all.
Bellydancer 3
She is a vibrant and dynamic dancer, who sets fire on each pass, and will surprise you with boundless energy.
Bellydancer 4
The arabic charm and beauty
Bellydancer 5
Her smile and her cheerfulness bring to the dance a lovely touch.
Male dancer 1

A tornado of joy, passion and emotion emerges from him while dancing, as he puts an amazing atmosphere in every circumstances.


Male dancer 2

Excellent oriental dancer but also he amazes you with his paintings of Moroccan and traditional dances dabke (Lebanese dance)


Dervish turner

A great artist full of talent, which offers an array of captivating Dervish turner, or tables of traditional Egyptian dances, unique in France.

The arabic band
The best oriental musicians and singers, with a wide repertoire from the Maghreb to the Middle East, will adapt to your requests.
Snake charmer
She will surprise your guests with her snakes
Henna tattoo artist
A good idea to create animation in your event
Led show

A beautiful show with led accessories


To have an idea :

Why us ?

  • An elegant and refined show
  • An exceptional atmosphere
  • The best artists of oriental paris
  • Unique choreographies
  • Original costumes
  • Adaptable to all kinds of events.

To know :

optional - Options for all formulas

- All formulas are adaptable from 1 to 8 dancers, possibility of solo, duo, trio, troupe dancers
- An accompanying percussionist
- Musician Oriental one man show (oriental singer and synthesizer)
- Live Oriental Orchestra
- Snake Charmer
- Henna Tattoo artist
- Led Show

Price on request depending on the chosen show
Ask for a quote


Restaurants, Nightclubs... - Special rates

For regular shows in some establishments, we offer special rates, contact us

Ask for a quote

Important - Conditions to know before to book a show :

- Please allow for the artists a room near the stage, which can be locked and contain tables, chairs, mirrors; as well as drinks and snacks (for long show) for the artists.
- The stage area must be clean, unobstructed for a benefit in good conditions.

- Provide adequate sound system, adapted to the size of the place

- To book a performance, a deposit of 50% of the total amount will be requested. The 50% of the remaining amount will be paid before the start of the performance.

- Specified delivery Rates include billing fees, costumes, props, soundtrack CD / MP3 support. They are for informational purposes and will be validated when sending a personalized quote for each request.

- Fees that are the responsibility of the organizer : sound and light equipment, SACEM, technical staff of the theater if necessary (sound, lights, security ...), travel expenses from Paris.

- For any service out of Paris, the pre ices will be sent in a quote, travel expenses from Paris are expected, and the hotel if the distance exceeds 150km from Paris.

- Artists who most of the time evening with several shows, it is necessary that the transition timetable is respected. In case of delay of the show, artists can shorten the duration of the service, cancel if the delay is too large (in two cases, the customer must pay the entire benefit).

- Photos and videos are permitted during services, but these must be for private use only. When broadcasting images (Internet, newspaper etc.), permission to apply to artists before publication.

- For special dates (New Year, Christmas, July 14, Valentine's Day ...), please contact us.